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I want a girlfriend so bad.


I want a girl who I can take on cute dates. A girl who I can spoil with really really expensive things. A girl who I can surprise with her favorite flowers and all her favorite things. A girl I can treat like my queen but can also be my best friend in the world. So we can go on adventures all the…


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Dates I invite you to take me on.


Lattes and muffins at a cute coffee shop.
Go to the zoo
ice cream date
Ice skating at Rockefeller centers ice rink
Have a body paint fight date
Dinner and a movie (preferably something I can hold your hand to).
A walk downtown, stopping in cool stores.
Going to the mall and being cute


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things i wanna do w/u:

  • get milkshakes at a cute fifties place
  • splash in the street during a storm
  • take pictures of flowers and cool plants
  • kiss & hug in the ocean
  • play cards by candlelight
  • sew couple cosplays
  • overthrow the government probably

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