My weight lose journey! ❀️

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24 hours ago you were here in my bed,
My arms were wrapped around you

Now I’m in this bed all alone,
Wondering how I’m going to fall asleep,
Without having your breaths to count,
Or the warmth of your body in my arms

How am I going to sleep without you?

Goddamnit I miss you (via forever-entwined)


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(Requested) My personal Eleanor Inspired Diet & Fitness Plan.Β I’ve been on it for two months and it’s worked brilliant so far! xxx


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i just want to fall asleep to the sound of nialls heartbeat and feel his chest gently rising up and down while he runs his fingers through my hair. then he quietly sings to me while I drift off to sleep and cradles me in his big arms. is this too much to ask for.


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